Tammy J. Carpenter, M. A.

                       How many days does it take to change a habit?

It takes much longer than  21 days as previously thought. That's why we are offering a 60 Day Weight Loss Program now. We include the recording of your session to listen to daily between online visits by Skype, Zoom or Facetime. If you are willing to put in 60 days, this 60 Day Weight Loss Program will easily give you the long lasting results that you desire.

                             This Package is for you if you desire to:
  • eat healthier and take smaller portions
  • make  wiser food choices at stores and restaurants
  • eat slower
  • lower sugar cravings
  • consume less carbs

                            You will receive:
  • Four Scripted Hypnotherapy sessions per month
  • 60 Days of Hypnotherapy
  • Recordings of Your Sessions 
  • Bonus: 21 Days to Self-Worth Class
  • Bonus: 21 Days to Self-Compassion Class

​Great experience working with Tammy. She tailors the sessions to what your needs are. Afterwards you get recordings to help re-enforce the sessions at home. She works with all types of requests to help you lose weight to self-confidence, etc. Well worth the money.

Will Owen

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60 Days to Weight Loss