Before working with Tammy, I had a hard time with the anxiety I got when I would have a craving, so I would give in and be unhappy with myself for it. Immediately when working with Tammy, I had new tools to calm my anxiety, so I was less likely to give in. I have since quit smoking and was able to do it with more calm and ease than if I had tried it alone.

Victoria R.

Loveland, CO

Q & A About Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking

We are not doing in person sessions at this time. We have successfully helped many people in Loveland, Ft. Collins, Greeley, Casper and Cheyenne to quit smoking or stop chewing tobacco. Quit Smoking and Quit Chewing are done in three session packages. Three pre-recorded Quit Smoking Sessions will be available for the client to listen to daily. Plus a free bonus session. Let go of this dirty, expensive habit today. 970-612-8524 or

Why does Hypnosis work to quit smoking?

The liver begins to clear out the nicotine after 96 hours and the remaining addiction is purely  psychological. Hypnotherapy uses your sub-conscious mind to help you make the changes that you desire.

Why Three Hypnotherapy sessions to stop smoking?

People who are hypnotized once to quit smoking, commonly stop for only three to seven days, then start again. With the three stop smoking sessions and recordings spread out over several weeks, the stop smoking habit is more likely to be permanent.

Will I gain weight with hypnotherapy for smoking cessation?

The quit smoking script contains powerful affirmations that the habit will not be replaced with over eating. It will be as if you had never been a smoker in the first place.

What will I do with my hands without a cigarette to hold?

The hypnotherapy script for stop smoking contains suggestions for something to do with your hands such as holding a water bottle.

Will I experience undue anxiety when I quit smoking with hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy is a relaxed state of trance. It feels good and relieves stress. Listening to the recordings at home helps to alleviate any stress when stopping smoking.

 Tammy J. Carpenter, M. A.