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 Hypnotherapy Customers Reviews

"The soul usually knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind."

Caroline Myss


I have started losing weight and I am not hungry all the time like I usually am. I am only eating healthy food and I do not feel deprived! I feel so good mentally and physically. I am exercising so much more and sort of enjoying it! I don’t LOVE it, but I feel so much better after class or the walk.
I feel hopeful for the first time in a long time. I really feel I can reach my goal this time. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.
Life Is Good!! Sincerely,

Bobbie Davis  Loveland, CO

Ten years ago I had a home accident and have lived with chronic neck and shoulder pain ever since. I've tried chiropractors, massages, and Rolfing with some success, but nothing seems to work for long. I've never been hypnotized and wasn't even sure that I was a candidate, but decided to try it to see if I could learn relaxation techniques to help with my pain. At my very first session, Tammy was able to hypnotize me and help me relax to the point where I felt like my body was almost jello. When I looked in a mirror, my neck was elongated because my shoulders were dropped down so far! My other sessions have yielded the same results and I've noticed that my purse won't hang on my shoulders for a couple of days after a session. I have also noticed a significant decrease in pain when I've seen Tammy, or listened to the discs she made for me.

I am so glad I found her! 

Georgia Chenoweth Loveland, CO

I have had great results through hypnosis/hypnotherapy from Tammy Carpenter.  I have not only lost weight, but have been able to make wise choices in regards to eating and lifestyle changes.  I highly recommend Tammy to anyone looking to make changes that they are having trouble doing by themselves.

Thomas James
Denver, CO

I decided to try hypnosis to help direct and focus my subconscious mind toward positive imagery for career success. I needed to change my inner voice that whispered you can’t do it, to a voice that was confident that I could. Tammy Carpenter worked with me to help silence my negativity and to help me choose a path of self-reliance and confidence. I was rewarded with renewed energy and productivity in my art work, belief in myself, and successful meetings with gallery owners and clients. Tammy provided a tape for me to use from our session and that definitely helped reinforce the message.
Tammy has a special gift for making you feel comfortable and relaxed; she listens attentively to your needs and is always professional. I highly recommend using Tammy to help you with your concerns.

Christine Mann
Denver, CO

“I’ve been in for the weight-loss sessions.  After the first session I noticed a decrease in my appetite and a curbing in my sugar cravings.  I was a bit of a skeptic at first, but I’m definitely a believer now.  Ms. Carpenter is very professional and I’ll definitely be referring many people to her.  While I know I won’t lose all the weight I want overnight, I’m sure that with the recorded sessions that she gave me after each of our in-person sessions, I will be able to achieve my weight-loss goals.

-J. Cheatham

A Daily Guide is a powerful and direct tool that really helped me keep a positive focus through my transition to self-employment. The messages are compassionate and inspiring! It’s clear that a very wise and loving being is being channeled to support our journey and bring out the BEST in all of us. I really love reading the guidance and it words really resonate with the empowered person I am becoming. Thank you so much to Tammy for delivering this work! 

~CarolynTryhurn, SoulClarityHypnotherapy

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