Tammy Carpenter is a wise woman. At the same time she is a mystic, someone who walks in two worlds. Tammy's intricately woven daily guidance melds an understanding of life's trials and tribulations with the higher vantage point that every moment is progressive and purposeful. When you absorb the deep, yet practical advice in "Channeling Ezekiel" then, and only then, will you move forward on your intentional journey. 

Dr. Linda R. Backman, Psychologist/Regression Therapist
Author of: "Bringing Your Soul to Light: Healing through Past Lives and the Time Between



“Channeling Ezekiel reminds us that we are powerful, divine, eternal beings who came to Earth with a purpose. This book will help you to awaken and remember who you really are.”

-Robert Schwartz, hypnotherapist, author of Your Soul’s Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born www.yoursoulsplan.com


Channeling Ezekiel Guided

Meditation CD's

These meditations go with pages in the Daily guide and workbook that require you to close your eyes and meditate before journaling. Each of the CD's contain Eight Guided Meditations. Part I contains things like Abundance and Releasing Doubts. Part II contains meditations for Joy and Releasing Fear.  Part III contains meditations for Patience and  Connection to All. Part IV contains meditations for Calling In your Guides & Angels and Forgiving Yourself. These are also available on Amazon. Background meditation music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by RoyaltyFreeMeditation.com
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Doodling Your Way to Enlightenment
This book can be used with the meditation CD's and the Ezekiel books or alone. It focuses on easy drawing lessons such as doodling, calligraphy and mandalas. 
The Channeling Ezekiel Companion Workbook contains daily writing and meditation exercises. Use with the Channeling Ezekiel Daily Guide and Meditation CD's.  
Click on icon to purchase a copy of Channeling Ezekiel: A Daily Guide to Inner Beauty, Wisdom & Balance on Amazon. This book contains daily inspirational messages to help quiet your mind chatter and refocus on more positivity.

Channeling Ezekiel Products

The New Earth is already here and Ezekiel channels  answers on New Earth topics such as: Ancient history, The Bible, Aliens, Science, Art, etc.. Let Ezekiel alleviate all your fears, raise your vibration and help answer questions about what is possible on the New Earth.

 Tammy J. Carpenter, M. A.
Gold Swan

This fictional story is based on our character, Sara, who seeks answers in a Past Life Regression and finds herself in the world of the famous ballet dancer, Anna Pavlova. Fame, fortune and adventure lead to treachery. How are their lives parallel and how are they different? What can Sara learn from her past?

​Channeling Ezekiel Audio Book is now available for your listening pleasure.