Hypnotherapy Q & A

Can anyone be hypnotized? 
Most people can be easily hypnotized, but no one can force you against your will. As one client reported, it is a relaxing enjoyable little mini vacation from a busy work day and it's not scary at all. You will awaken feeling more relaxed, refreshed and ready to face the world.

Can a hypnotist control my behavior or make me do something against my will?
Most people associate hypnosis with stage hypnosis where people publicly act out behavior that is different than their normal behavior. Stage performers will only choose the person in the front row waving their hands enthusiastically to come up on stage. This is because these participants are more than willing to make a fool of themselves. Your values, beliefs and morals remain the same in or out of hypnosis and no one can make you behave in a way that is unacceptable to you without your willingness. 

Will I reveal personal or secret information under hypnosis? 
No. What you decide to share will be no different in hypnosis than out of hypnosis. Your unconscious mind knows what is appropriate for you to share publicly. You are always in control of the process and what you share.

Will I remember everything I experience while in hypnosis? 

Most likely, yes. You will receive a download of your sessions, so you can listen to it later at home. If you are very tired when you are hypnotized, you may fall into a natural sleep, not hypnosis. In that case you may not remember, but hypnosis will still work if you do fall asleep and you'll be gently woken up at the end.

What should I do to prepare for a session?

Please avoid more than one cup of coffee the morning of your session. Also please avoid more than one glass of alcohol the night before. Dress in comfortable clothing nd be prepared to relax.

 Tammy J. Carpenter, M. A.