Tammy J. Carpenter, M. A.

Why Choose a Past Life Regression with Us?

Tammy is a brilliant hypnotherapist, healer and is a creative and well-educated entrepreneur. I went to see Tammy for a past-life regression for issues with my voice. I felt paralyzed in speaking my truth and letting myself be seen and heard. I had a lot to say and didn’t understand why I couldn’t express it. This has been weighing on me since childhood and I was hopeless in how to fix it. Even telling people about who I am and what I do was difficult and public speaking was absolutely terrifying. As a business owner, this was a huge obstacle because so much of running a business is about presence and communication.
In my past-life regression, I was able to go to the lifetime that triggered this inability to speak up. I released the deep-seeded fear and blockages around my voice and came out of it with wisdom and relief. I realize now that I don’t have to be so calculating in everything I do! No one is going to do or get beheaded if I speak my truth. I can truly be myself without being locked into a role and what a relief this has been to realize it. Since the past-life regression session with Tammy, I now am more energetically in alignment and my business has grown, I have been presented with new ventures and opportunities and I am much more at ease. The insight and release that I have received is priceless. I would have paid thousands for this session, it had such an impact on my life. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to release the baggage from past lives. It is nice to finally move forward. Thank you Tammy!

​Jennae Geren of Loveland says:

To Quote Robert Schwartz’s interview on After Life TV with Bob Olson: 
“… the main reasons our souls plan big challenges for us are, one, to balance karma; two, healing; three, in service to others; four, in order to experience contrast; and now a fifth one that’s just come up in research for my new book, which comes out in a few months, and that is to heal false beliefs. Those are the big five reasons.”

Want to learn more about the photographer who took this great photo? She owns Geren Imaging and also interviewed me about Past Life and Life Between Life Regression ​.

Tammy J. Carpenter, M.A.
NATH Certified Hypnotherapist
Life Between Life Spiritual Regression Hypnotherapist



 Tammy is certified in Past Life Regressions by the Ravenheart Center and by NATH. She has obtained a Delores Cannon Level I Certificate. She has attended additional trainings with Brian Weis and Mira Kelley. Many people are curious to experience a Past Life Regression. Often they will have a goal such as learning if they had a specific past life with a family member. Although we focus on this, the sessions have a life of their own as there are often other issues that the guides decide to focus on. It is usually what the client needs to experience at this point in their lives.

All Past Life Regression session include a download of the session to listen to later for information. We always try to get your questions answered, so please bring up to 10 written questions with you about life purpose, relationships, health and career.  Limit caffeine to 1 cup before the session. Note that we have a 48 hour cancellation policy for both PLR and LBL sessions. Also these are not available for Online Deals.

A traditional Past Life Regression is approximately two hours in length.  After the death scene  you are in a more spiritual state and we call on your guides or spiritual higher self to help answer questions.

A Quantum Hypnosis PLR can take up to 5 hours and includes an intensive pre-session interview and a post session interview.  In Quantum Hypnosis, we ask to speak to you Sub-conscious and are able to clear up more health issues and going into greater depth for all questions.

Past Life Regression