To Quote Robert Schwartz’s interview on After Life TV with Bob Olson: 
“… the main reasons our souls plan big challenges for us are, one, to balance karma; two, healing; three, in service to others; four, in order to experience contrast; and now a fifth one that’s just come up in research for my new book, which comes out in a few months, and that is to heal false beliefs. Those are the big five reasons.”

Tammy J. Carpenter, M.A.
NATH Certified Hypnotherapist

Life Between Life Spiritual Regression Hypnotherapist


970-612-8524 to schedule a date with starting time but know to set aside 4 1/2 hours and to pre-pay. 
Bring up to 15 written questions before session about life purpose, relationships, health and spirituality. 
Limit caffeine to 1 cup day of the session and no more than 1 glass alcohol the night before. No mood medications, sleeping pills etc. as may interfere.
Include pre-interview, session and post  interview.  

Regressions can be done remotely over Zoom, except QHHT sessions which require in person meeting.

Past Life Regression

Tammy is a brilliant hypnotherapist, healer and is a creative and well-educated entrepreneur. I went to see Tammy for a past-life regression for issues with my voice. I felt paralyzed in speaking my truth and letting myself be seen and heard. I had a lot to say and didn’t understand why I couldn’t express it. This has been weighing on me since childhood and I was hopeless in how to fix it. Even telling people about who I am and what I do was difficult and public speaking was absolutely terrifying. As a business owner, this was a huge obstacle because so much of running a business is about presence and communication.
In my past-life regression, I was able to go to the lifetime that triggered this inability to speak up. I released the deep-seeded fear and blockages around my voice and came out of it with wisdom and relief. I realize now that I don’t have to be so calculating in everything I do! No one is going to do or get beheaded if I speak my truth. I can truly be myself without being locked into a role and what a relief this has been to realize it. Since the past-life regression session with Tammy, I now am more energetically in alignment and my business has grown, I have been presented with new ventures and opportunities and I am much more at ease. The insight and release that I have received is priceless. I would have paid thousands for this session, it had such an impact on my life. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to release the baggage from past lives. It is nice to finally move forward. Thank you Tammy!

 Tammy J. Carpenter, M. A.

​Jennae Geren of Loveland says:

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