I have been doing Spiritual Arts and Asian Medicine for the past 8 years when I decided to do Life Between Life Soul Regression. My session with Mrs. Tammy Carpenter was first rate and not only was the session very well done, but the Life Between Life Soul Regression evolved my Spiritual Practices to a different level. It allowed me to have a deeper understanding of the Self, My Purpose and My Path.

Joe Wollen, M.S.

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Loveland Life Between Life Regression
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Loveland Life Between Life Regression

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Fee $444      Pre-requisite: A Successful Past Life Regression with me. 

As a certified member of the International Between Lives Regression Network, I am qualified and experienced in Between Life Hypnotherapy.  According to the IBLRN website, “We believe that in these sessions nothing happens by accident. A person is drawn to a particular therapist to do this work as a result of a strong soul connection between them and Spirit is active throughout the session. We provide the context within the session unfolds but it is Spirit that provides the content. It is clear that everyone is deeply loved and cared for by beings in the Higher Worlds. This is always true, no matter how difficult a person’s life has been and how much a person may believe that Spirit has forgotten him or her. These Beings appear at a session and the client, and often the therapist too, can experience their loving and wise presence, as they do what is necessary and reveal whatever wisdom they need to help the client to move on to the next stage in their lives with more joy and wisdom and with an increased capacity to love and feel love from the universe.”

As a certified Between Lives Soul Regression Therapist, I enjoy helping my clients to experience a sense of their true identity as an eternal soul and to know their life and soul purposes throughout various incarnations. My clients often learn why they are exploring certain issues in their current incarnation and what direction their life is headed.

The BLSR experience begins with exploring a past-life session, then by following awareness of the death of the body in that life, and finally the soul moving onwards and upwards into the spiritual realms. Often clients then meet the group of souls that they incarnate with again and again, their spirit guides and their Council of Elders who supervise soul-progress and assist them in planning their incarnations. Clients often leave the session with a sense of peace, joy, and love. They often have a new found sense of inner calm that their life is progressing according to plan and they have a purpose as an eternal soul. They often now realize that they are being assisted by guides and others, and are not alone in their life journey.

Why choose a BLSR? It could help with the following: 1. Fear of Death-Soul Continuity 2. Purpose of current incarnation 3. Non-linear benefit 4. Emotional symptom-Physical symptom 5. Relationships 6. Agreements with Loved Ones 7. Past Soul Mate and other soul relationships 8. Carrying pain from one or more Past Lives 9. Spiritual perspective and Re-experiencing the Spiritual Realm ​10. Life patterns/themes: Why am I here?

​Pre-requisites: The client needs to have previously experienced a Past Life Regression with me. They then will be emailed a preparation guide, along with instructions to prepare a list of up to 15 life questions. If possible, I will gain answers to the client's questions such as: Guide’s name, Client’s core soul color, Members of Cluster Group, Meeting with the Council, Percentage of energy brought here, Overall mission of client’s immortal soul, etc. Please note, however, that your guides will be in charge of the session. I will just be facilitating the process and cannot guaranty that all questions will be answered. The sessions seem to take on a theme and direction that is most needed by the client at the time.

Time: Up to 4 1/2 hours which includes a pre and post interview, along with a recording of the session emailed to you for later review. We work over Zoom currently and have had great success.

Note that we have a 48 hour cancellation policy for both PLR and LBL sessions. ( There is a $100 Non-Refundable Deposit)

 Tammy J. Carpenter, M. A.

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Loveland Life Between Life Regression